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Northern Sole are great advocates for shoe care, prolonging the beauty of our creations is only right after all. Its long proven that proper care and maintenance of leather shoes will significantly increase their longevity in wear.

We strongly recommend following these guidelines;

Leather Uppers require regular treatment with a good quality wax polish, in order to protect the leather and provide a high shine finish. We would suggest a clear/neutral hard wax or cream for coloured shoes as to not alter the colour and finish of the shoes. Applied when the shoes are dry.

We shine every shoe with the best quality polish available which is in our opinion Saphir Pate De Luxe Medaille dOr 1925 Paris. Therefore we whole heartedly endorse this product and offer for sale so you may get the best shine possible for the life of your shoes.

For black shoes you may use a black wax or Neutral wax, the use of black will help to mask any scuffs or blemishes.
This will prolong the life of the uppers and maintain their appearance. The shoes should be dry before application of any product.
Avoid the use of any unsuitable liquid polish applications on high quality leather uppers as these can potentially damage the surface of the leather, remove areas of the colour or create a lacquer which is hard to remove.

Never wear your new shoes in the rain until they been worn 3 or 4 times.
If your shoes do get wet, put shoes trees in them or stuff with newspaper (do they still even exist). Let them dry at room temperature for at least 48 hours before wearing again. Wet leather soles will wear out twice as quickly as dry leather soles.
Do not polish or add nourishing cream to your shoes when they are remotely wet.

A shoe horn can help to prevent damage to heels, counter and top line.

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Shoe repair

The sole of this shoes whilst being durable will of course wear over time, this will vary dependant on the frequency and type of wear and personal gait. However the sole has been designed to aid easy repair and increase the shoes lifetime. The tpr (rubber parts) being the fore part and heel piece should be used as wear indicators and have been designed to wear before the integrity and lifespan of the leather base is worn beyond repair. Once the rubber is wearing through towards showing the leather base these parts can easily be replaced by any decent cobbler as the remaining leather sole provides a strong framework to work with. They should be able to simply replace with a rubber sole tread of your choice.

If you are feeling brave enough and adequately skilled this could also be carried out as bit of DIY if you ave access to some suitable rubber sheetingnd strong adhesive simply cut the shape and replace. We will leave this to you to decide if your skills are up to it.

For further specific care advice please feel free to contact us at

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