Fitting Guide


men's leather formal shoes. hand dyed men's leather shoes.

All of our shoes are fitted to standard UK fits and we have added a degree of wriggle room for your comfort.

As a general rule of thumb all of our shoes are good up to an half size ie if you are between a size 8 and 8.5 then you should be fine with a size 8 if you are normally just short of a size for example just under a size 9 then please size up to the next size. The shoe may fit a little larger when sizing up. However like all smart dress shoes there is extra length built into formal shoes to allow for the toe shape, you should then always have 10 to 15mm wriggle room to the end of the toe box.

One exception to the above is style Playa, due being a slip on pattern with no means too tighten the fit the shoe is more of a true fit.

For more detail please refer to the sizing grid below.

When measuring your foot, wear socks with your heel against a wall and stand on a ruler allowing your foot to fully relax and measure to the furthest point.

The insole measurement below is the extreme measurement from heel to the furthest point of a toe. This allows for the toe shape which in formal mens shoes is built up to create the chiselled toe look.

Normally you would allow 10 to 15mm wriggle room for your toes without reaching the front of the shoe toe box for a dress shoe with a more pointy toe shape this increases towards 25/30mm.