Art of the hand dyed shoe

hand dyed men's leather shoes. hand dyed in england
The colouring process known as tamponation or Patina starts by placing the upper on a wooden or plastic last to keep the shape of the shoe solid during the colouring process.
  • Next the sole is covered by masking tape to avoid being dyed during the process.
  • Then the upper of the buff calf skin shoe is cleaned to ensure there are no surface imperfections which would be highlighted when colour is added.
  • Then the chosen colour dye is mixed and then carefully applied by special sponge and brush covering the surface of the shoe paying special attention to all stitch or brogue channels.
  • During a crucial time period of the dye being applied and drying the shoe is ironed by a special small iron that spreads the dye stuff more evenly and penetrating the leather skin.
  • We repeat the process of applying the dye and again ironing to evenly spread and ensure penetration of the dye.
  • Then each shoe is buffed using a special cream and a cotton wheel to ensure the dye is worked into the upper and excess removed.
  • Finally the shoe is buffed with a finishing wax and wool brush to add a gloss finish which not only looks smart but gives a durable top coat. 
  • Your shoes are then inspected before posting by courier.
(Special colour combinations or finishes can be discussed and organised by emailing )
All of our shoes are made from premium quality calf leather upper, lining and sock. We have built in comfort with a soft combination of support to make all day wear a pleasure.  The sole is Leather waist and stack with durable anti slip TPR forepart and heel piece. A classic construction makes a fantastically durable and comfortable shoe.
men's hand dyed footwear, leather derby shoe, plimsoll, chelsea boot, leather oxford brogue, leather slip on loafer all hand dyed in the colour of your choice.

Five easy steps to your unique shoes:
  1. Simply select your preferred shoe style from those shown
  2. Select your choice of colour.
  3. I will match a lace colour from a selection of fine quality corded laces for formal shoes or flat lace for plimsolls.
  4. Your shoes will then be hand dyed in the colour of your choice, They will then be posted out to you by a tracked courier. (see the making of a unique shoe).  Please allow up to 5 days from placing your order to receiving your stunning shoes. (if you need your shoes urgently for a key event please email us at (Dependant on order number and dye availability we will try to help you with speedier service however creating your unique shoes is labour intensive so please try to allow reasonable time).
  5. Enjoy your beautifully hand dyed shoes and revel in your uniqueness.
hand dyed leather loafers, hand dyed men's leather shoes